Finex SA has long been a centripetal point around which buyers and sellers, as well as other related parties orbit. It thus was natural and necessary for the creation of Finex SA Global (Pty) Ltd (FINEX SA Global) when we identified the need amongst our client base, to help them expand their market beyond South Africa’s borders.

FINEX SA Global puts buyers and sellers in touch with each other to form profitable synergies that would otherwise not be attained. This unique interaction is supported by all the other companies in the FINEX SA Group. Our model is simple – if you are a buyer in need of a product or a seller interested in exposing your product to new markets, please feel free to set up an appointment with our friendly team. We await your call.

At FINEX SA Global, we believe that business transparency is the key to building strong- and long-term relationships with clients. Our reputation and sustainability are our greatest assets. Our commitment to quality, productivity, customer service, innovative packaging of a deal, private label solutions, brand and year-round availability allows us to serve as your trusted deal brokerage partner. Market trends and current information are considered when sales strategies are formed, and transactions finalized. An established well examined diverse foreign clientele base allows us to find and optimize pockets of high liquidity in the various markets and market segments we trade in.

In Global we strive to link all the different segments of the Finex SA Group together. This unique, branded capability and modular service platform, puts Finex SA ahead of its competitors.