Since our inception in 2013, the FINEX SA Group subsidiaries have grown to consist of Finex SA Treasury, Finex Global, Finex Money as well as iMali Express Forex, a Category Two Authorised Dealer in foreign exchange with limited authority (ADLA), which was acquired by the Finex SA Group in 2018.
The Finex SA Group’s goal is to build a strong personal service-based organisation that provides individual and corporate clients a partner they can approach where they are assured they will be heard, understood and supported across our portfolio of service delivery offerings.

The Finex SA Group includes the following service offerings available to individual and/or corporate clients:

iMali Express Forex

which forms part of the Finex SA Group, is a South African Reserve Bank approved CAT2 ADLA.

iMali Express Remit

which forms part of the Finex SA Group, is operating in the Fintech and Cross-Border remittance environments.

Finex Money

a forward-thinking FinTech business committed to providing innovative solutions that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to thrive in the digital era. 

Finex SA Treasury

which offers customers derivative trading and foreign currency risk management services. Finex SA is a registered financial services provider with the FSCA and the SARB as an intermediary treasury.

Finex SA Global

facilitates the buying and selling of physical gold and silver, as well as acting as a market maker for registered gold and silver minted bars.

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